SAP will host its SuccessConnect 2018 conference September 11–13 at the ARIA Resort and Casino, Las Vegas.

This is the U.S.-based event that will cover the SAP portfolio of technologies for human resources (HR) professionals, largely served by the cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors system. In this space, SAP offers solutions for staffing management, personnel issues, and all technologies related to what is also now refereed to as human capital management (HCM).

While SuccessConnect will always gravitate around its bread-and-butter competencies in personnel and staffing, the issue of digital workforce management has now crept in as a component of the event.

Intelligence on all Aspects of Work

The argument is straightforward enough: If we create IT systems and architectures capable of managing almost every conceivable aspect of work, then managers all throughout the business should want access to the data we generate in this arena.

Workforce information and data intelligence should be of interest to managers outside of the HR function. These managers can start to tap into this pool of intelligence, in order to influence the overall business more effectively.

SAP hasn’t made this message as clear, direct, and obvious as it could be.

Not Just for HR, but for Digital Enterprises

SAP chose to position its event with this description: “Don’t miss your chance to attend one of the top HR events of the year, to discuss how to lead with purpose, pursue innovation, and transform the workforce experience. Learn how to create a workforce experience that’s on par with the customer experience your organization is so committed to delivering.”

The company could have started with this instead: "SuccessConnect is not just about HR. The event examines how, in the connected business world, you can now tap workforce intelligence to run your enterprise based on what your employees are able to achieve, in roles that they will be happy in.”

SAP’s positioning will most certainly evolve and broaden. The company has already openly discussed how ALL digital transformation (defined as the move to service-based computing, the cloud, mobile apps, data analytics, artificial intelligence plus machine learning, with a side order of quantum computing when it arrives) stems from workforce management and HR. People sit at the center of the workplace and determine whether a company will be successful or not. This is why HR is increasingly being usurped by the term human capital management.

What Is Human Capital Management?

Human capital management is usually differentiated from HR through its focus on the term “capital.” It’s not concerned only with staffing issues, job planning, employee vacation authorizations, and bonus payment approvals. Instead, HCM considers employees part of the assets of the business and examines how each person contributes to the bottom line—going beyond what is traditionally thought of as HR.

Human Inspiration

Because this technology is about more than just HR, you don’t have to be a HR professional to attend SuccessConnect. And there will be plenty of real-world, human inspiration this year.

Actor, producer, author and Parkinson’s research champion Michael J. Fox will present the SuccessConnect 2018 keynote, focusing on how to successfully pursue a goal, no matter how big or small.

Community, Entertainment, and Motivation

“As the audience joining us for SuccessConnect continues to grow, we’re always looking at what they can walk away from the event with,” SAP SuccessFactors President Greg Tomb said.

“Obviously we want [the audience] to understand how SAP SuccessFactors solutions can help them deliver business value and improve the employee experience. We also want to create a sense of community and add a bit of entertainment and motivation.”

Tomb notes that Michael J. Fox continues to face the world with optimism, acting and directing as well as running the largest nonprofit responsible for funding Parkinson’s drug development in the world.

Catching up on Current Workforce Strategies

In addition to Fox’s keynote, SuccessConnect will feature SAP experts, partners, and customers hosting breakout sessions on topics such as increasing employee engagement and advancing workforce agility in the digital age. Networking and conversations will focus on current strategies, ongoing improvements, and creating future successes.

Product-wise, we should note that SAP Analytics Cloud is the strategic tool that is planned to run side-by-side with the existing SAP SuccessFactors Online Report Designer. The aim is to ultimately make SAP Analytics Cloud the sole query and visualization tool for SAP SuccessFactors.

Why ASUG Members Should Attend SuccessConnect

Human capital management is not always core for ASUG members, so what can they get out of SuccessConnect?

SAP SuccessFactors global head of marketing Kirsten Allegri Williams insists that the reason to listen comes down to the fact that the integrated enterprise is here, right now.

“SAP SuccessFactors will help put your people at the core of all business processes. At SuccessConnect, attendees will hear about not just the how—SAP HANA, SAP Leonardo, and SAP Cloud Platform—but the why. Your number-one asset is your people. Organizations will learn how the intelligent enterprise enables all of these, drives business results, and engages your people,” said Allegri Williams.

Immerse Yourself in Human Capital Management

She also suggests that SuccessConnect is your opportunity to meet the product management team and other subject-matter experts. “Attendees can learn from true stories of customer experiences and participate in labs, meetups and roundtables. You can surround yourself with thought leadership, networking, and education to transform your business and enable your people,” added Allegri Williams.

Areas covered at the show will include:

  • Payroll, time management, and analytics
  • Employee engagement through wellness, inclusion, and social collaboration
  • Management of the total workforce using integrations with SAP Fieldglass
  • Integration with the entire business suite
  • Transformation of your culture through diversity and inclusion
  • Options for migrating from on-premise to the cloud
  • Management of a hybrid environment 

Potential for Growth

Just how far can digital HR and human capital management go? Analyst firm IDC ranks SAP SuccessFactors as a leader not in its HR market assessment, but in the 2018 IDC MarketScapes assessments for Worldwide Integrated Talent Management, Performance Management, Learning Management, and Compensation Management.

It’s clear there are a breadth of areas in digital HCM that can be handled elegantly by a cloud-based system offering centralized data and control. SAP will be thinking about these possibilities as it develops its human capital management offering.

Interested in human capital management? Read our article about whether to move human capital management systems to the cloud. Or join us in September in Las Vegas for the SuccessConnect conference or in October in Toronto for the ASUG Experience in Human Resources & Payroll to learn from other practitioners and innovators.