ASUG Facts

ASUG is the world’s largest SAP user group. Originally founded by a group of visionary SAP customers in 1991, its mission is to help people and organizations get the most value from their investment in SAP technology. ASUG currently serves thousands of businesses via companywide memberships, connecting more than 130,000 professionals with networking and educational resources to help them master new challenges. Through in-person and virtual events, on-demand digital resources, and ongoing advocacy for its membership, ASUG helps SAP customers make more possible.

  • 38 regional North American chapters
  • 30+ primary research studies annually
  • 20,000+ attendees join together at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference (co-hosted by SAP and ASUG)
  • 100+ regional, industry, and interest-based networking groups
  • 300+ face-to-face events annually
  • 400+ virtual education opportunities annually


The ASUG management team sets the strategy and direction of the organization, working closely with our members, partners, and SAP leadership to fulfill our mission and plan for the future.

The ASUG Board of Directors is a group of senior leaders from SAP customer organizations, plus one SAP representative. Elected by our membership, our board works closely with the SAP Executive Board to represent the concerns of our members and ensure that voice is heard.


Don’t just take our word—hear it from our members themselves. The videos below feature our members speaking candidly about what ASUG means to them both personally and professionally.

Any and all uses of ASUG brand assets (including but not limited to name, logos, trademark) in any marketing, advertising, content, or other material are subject to ASUG’s approval prior to use. Approval for such uses must be submitted via a request for approval via this email address: ASUG’s failure to respond to requests does not constitute approval. To the extent that ASUG does not provide express approval, you are forbidden from using any of ASUG’s brand assets in any way, shape, or form.