The ideal champion is:

  • Knowledgeable about and involved in the ASUG community.
  • Passionate about helping their team solve SAP problems and access professional development opportunities.
  • Seeking growth as a leader in the SAP ecosystem.

    ASUG Champion Responsibilities & Benefits

    Champion responsibilities:

    • Update and maintain the organization’s ASUG member roster.
    • Help team members set up profiles and access member benefits on
    • Encourage team members to take advantage of ASUG events.
    • Develop leadership skills and SAP expertise through opportunities in the ASUG community.

    Champion benefits:

    • Earn recognition.
    • Grow your network.
    • Earn prizes and incentives.
    • Receive ASUG conference discounts.
    • Develop SAP expertise.
    • Be the first to know about ASUG organizational updates and new product offerings.
    • Get invited to special meetups at ASUG conferences and chapter events.

    How do I select a champion?

    Discuss with your team! Every organization should have at least one champion but is encouraged to have as many champions as suitable for the size and structure of the company. Once you’ve selected an individual or individuals to serve as champion(s), have them fill out the form below.

    Opt Out of the Champions Role