An Exceptional Opportunity

ASUG Executive Exchange is designed specifically to encourage high-level connections and is tailored to meet the needs and interests of senior-level SAP customers. We provide compelling opportunities for our members at the senior level to network, give real-time SAP feedback, and uncover insights that help shape organizational strategy and drive growth. Join us for outcome-based roundtables and summits that are exclusive for members.

Connect with Your Peers

ASUG Executive Exchange creates an environment where our senior-level members can take advantage of peer-to-peer engagement, such as:

  • Frank discussions and networking opportunities
  • Fresh perspectives and innovative ideas from SAP thought leaders
  • Expert insight into solving complex business problems and building business cases
  • Direct access to SAP executives for feedback, SAP strategy, and road maps

Registration is complimentary and exclusive to ASUG members.

Beyond the C-Suite

Because our member organizations vary in size, we understand that not every leader holds a C-suite title. These forums are open to any customer member who has a role that directly impacts the future of their organization, and is responsible for its strategic, technology, and budgetary decisions. ASUG Executive Exchange members:

  1. Play a role in setting the technology strategic direction for their organizations
  2. Are responsible for establishing the goals and objectives for all or a portion of their organizations' line of business, division, etc.
  3. Manage the budget creation and delivery for all or a significant portion (line of business, division, etc.) for their organizations

If your role aligns with at least two of the above responsibilities, we welcome your contribution and participation. Whether your team is large or small, our goal remains the same—ASUG Executive Exchange is here to help you maximize your SAP investment.

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