Crocs was one of several companies that tested pilot note 2110780. We started the process in April of 2015 and had issues with size integrity, and subsequently, with VAS mapped from IDOCs. The note did not support the users exits we had used for our contract reference via IDOCs. We stopped working on the note at that point. In 2017 we began testing an upgrade to 6.7 which went live in June of 2017. We found out after going live that our testing was not rigorous enough as we had issues with our EDI orders that referenced contracts. We quickly discovered that the pilot note had been released and was part of the base package and it could not be removed. We ended up have to comment out the code. After working with SAP Enterprise Support, we were eventually able to get a solution that supported the user exits that we had leveraged in our solution. As of April 2018, we are finally live with the solution to reference split schedule lines via IDOC process. We would like to share our three year journey with the community in an effort to inform and help shorten any implementation cycles on this functionality.


Sean Campbell, Crocs, Inc.

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