In this presentation, a panel of Rizing EAM experts will demonstrate how industries such as utilities, transportation, and oil and gas can benefit from innovative and geospatially-centric business processes built with SAP technology. The focal point of this demonstration is Rizing’s Mercury product, which is used to integrate asset and maintenance data between an organization’s SAP and Enterprise GIS environments and to provide bidirectional synchronization to standardize, simplify, and accelerate asset management data sharing. Mercury offers a scalable platform in which to integrate Esri and SAP, as well as to leverage investments in SAP Geospatial Enablement Framework and SAP Linear Asset Management.

Rizing will demonstrate how advances in data collection, geospatial capabilities, mobility, and analytics are enabling businesses to achieve a holistic view of their assets throughout the asset management life cycle. This business-process-driven presentation will demonstrate the establishment of a system of record for assets, the ability to efficiently plan work on a map from within SAP, the ability to leverage asset and work geometry within mobile work management applications, and the insights that can be gained through analyzing spatial data produced throughout the process.

Key learnings:

  • Maximize the business value of GIS and SAP through integration.
  • Eliminate data silos through system integration and the establishment of a system of record for asset data.
  • Optimize the use of SAP Geospatial Enablement Framework and SAP Linear Asset Management.
  • Improve workforce efficiency and reporting through geospatially enabled business processes.
  • Plan the integration of GIS with the SAP Intelligent Asset Management Suite.

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