• Welcome to Summer
  • Review of Current Project statuses
    • Global Trade
    • Stock Protection
  • Quick overview of the hot stuff coming in AFF
  • Initial discussion of Fall event (basically that we will have one, it will be virtual and working on dates/content)
  • Discussion of any hot topics for the group

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The objective of this ASUG Influence Council is to identify, prioritize, and amplify ASUG member feedback to drive enhancements and shape the future development of solutions for the apparel, footwear, and fashion industries, including SAP Apparel and Footwear Solution and SAP Fashion Management. It’s open to customer members only, from companies in the apparel, footwear, and/or fashion industries. It meets every other month on the third Friday at 10 a.m. CT. Members interested in joining this Influence Council should email to get started.