ASUG joined with DSAG (Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe), the SAP user group, serving German-speaking countries and JSUG (Japan SAP Users’ Group) to examine the similarities and differences between SAP customers across borders.

This research helps us understand the relationships between different SAP user groups. It will identify member perceptions of their organization's ability to keep up with modern changes, bypass roadblocks, and stay informed on technological advancements. We also measured workload satisfaction, tenure, upcoming retirement shares, and skillset proficiency. In addition, we explored the importance of SAP solutions to members’ current and future IT landscapes as well as current and future challenges.

Marissa Gilbert (Research Director at ASUG) will share the results from our quantitative study. We’ll discuss our findings and gain additional perspective from special guests: DSAG Chairman Jens Hungershausen and ASUG CEO Geoff Scott. 

Please join us for this live webcast and Q&A to utilize the opportunity to understand what SAP customers are experiencing in Europe and North America.


  • Jens Hungershausen, Chairman, DSAG
  • Geoff Scott, CEO, ASUG
  • Marissa Gilbert, Research Director, ASUG

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