Join the ASUG Central Texas, Dallas, Houston, and Prairie Provinces chapters for a virtual presentation and discussion with the ASUG Research team.

In January, 2020, ASUG began using Qualtrics to collect and analyze the data we gather for our 60 plus research initiatives throughout the year. This presentation and discussion will focus on details of our experience adopting Qualtrics, as well as some of the benefits we have had since making the switch. Through these topics, our speakers will also cover how ASUG leverages the capabilities within Qualtrics to build surveys and to analyze data, including overviews of:

  • ExpertReview
  • Qualtrics API capabilities
  • Tools and guidance for building quality surveys

This call will be hosted over Zoom and will offer extensive facilitated networking opportunities, designed to keep you connected with your chapter peers.  Come with your questions as we will have time for Q&A and discussion with the featured panelists and your fellow ASUG members on the call.


Blake Baltazar, Research Analyst, ASUG

Carolyn Szczurek, Research Manager, ASUG