Thank you for your interest in the ASUG Developer Tools day event on Dec. 7 at Northern Kentucky University!

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In this session we will explore the general development trends in the SAP world. If you are an ABAP developer then you will be interested in the move to Cloud and how that can be supported by technologies like embedded Steampunk and RAP (the Restful Application Programming Model).

You might be building Cloud Native extensions already and want to hear about the latest developments around side-by-side extensions using the CAP (Cloud Application Programming Model) or maybe you are intrigued by the industry trends in the Low-/No-Code space.


There has never been a time when the developer tooling in the SAP world has been changing and growing as quickly as now.  We see the increasing inclusion of open source and partner tooling directly into the SAP ecosystem.  For instance, major programming models like Fiori and Cloud Application Programming (CAP) model offering their tooling as extensions to Visual Studio Code. 

But we also see the continuing influence of Git and code sharing and new lifecycle approaches evolving the way we manage software in the enterprise as well. Of course, the move to the Cloud and Cloud Native architecture brings with them massive changes and opportunities as well.  In this session we will have an open discussion across all of these topics. 

Hands-On: Combine SAP Cloud Application Programming Model with SAP HANA Cloud to Create Full-Stack Applications

SAP-samples/cap-hana-exercises-codejam: This repo contains the exercise instructions, starting template code, and sample solution for the CodeJam based on SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.

In this hands-on session, we will learn how to Deploy and configure an instance of the SAP HANA Cloud trial, develop a multi-target application using SAP Business Application Studio and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, and create a service layer and SAP Fiori UI that also includes SAP HANA native artifacts, such as calculation views.


There are hardware, software and service prerequisites for participating in this CodeJam. The exercises will be shown executing in the SAP Business Application Studio as the development tool. However you can also execute them locally on your own tooling such as Microsoft VSCode or using a Dev Container or Codespace. See separate section for each of these options.

Normal Prerequisites (SAP Business Application Studio)


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