What are SAP customers thinking as we’ve left 2021 behind and we kick off 2022? We’ve got the answers, once again, with the release of our ASUG Pulse of the SAP Customer 2022 study.

We sought critical pieces of information from our members in North America to create a picture of the state of the SAP customer base for the fifth year in a row: their attitudes and preferences; their successes and challenges; and their thoughts and plans on vital SAP technology decisions. We have compared historic data trends, which has revealed several insights.

This year, we were able to capture the pulse of the North American SAP customer base and answer these questions and more:

  • How does the COVID-19 pandemic continue to affect organizations’ operations?
  • Who really makes IT buying decisions today?
  • Where are SAP customers placing their focuses in 2022?
  • What technology is having the most impact on digital transformation efforts?
  • What’s the status on migrations to SAP S/4HANA?
  • What role is cloud playing in organizations’ current landscapes?
  • Why does SAP talent and training continue to challenge SAP customers?

We look forward to sharing these insights and implications with our ASUG community in a conversation between ASUG CEO Geoff Scott and ASUG Research Director Marissa Gilbert.


  • Marissa Gilbert, ASUG Research Director, ASUG
  • Geoff Scott, CEO, ASUG

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