Ben Franklin once wrote, “…in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  If he wrote this today, he could add information security threats to this list.  Effective security is foundational to everything in IT.  You cannot expect to operate in the modern business environment without a clear understanding of your organization’s security risks and a plan to address and mitigate those risks.  Please join the ASUG Executive Exchange Briefing for a chat with Tom Venables, Solution Director for Turnkey Consulting, to explore a range of security topics, including: 

  • Current security climate for SAP customers 
  • Biggest threats to SAP customers 
  • Better integration strategy for SAP customers with  larger enterprise portfolios for better risk management and security 
  • Impact of cloud adoption and digital transformation on the security discussion 

The key to ASUG Executive Exchange is the community, so this exclusive session is designed to be interactive; bring your questions and perspectives and participate in the conversation.   

This event is for Executives only. Please register to request access to this session. 


  • David Wascom, SVP, Executive Programs, ASUG
  • Tom Venables, Director of Enterprise Solutions, Turnkey Consulting