IBM Continuum is a model for partnership with our clients, centered on business value. IBM Continuum was developed in response to our clients’ need to ensure their technology investments drive business value and outcome. The model is centered on the concept of helping clients identify and capture value on a continual basis. Using SAP as the digital core, we help clients create value throughout the journey, before, during, and after their digital core investment. Join us in this session to learn how IBM helps you to accelerate the time to value, achieve the planned value, and expand the addressable value.

Accelerate the Time to Value

  • Optimize business processes and policies to drive near-term improvement and value capture
  • Consolidate app management to drive service levels and cost savings as near term value driver
  • Adopt targeted business process outsourcing to drive near term back office productivity 
  • Modernize apps to enhance capabilities and leverage cloud-native operating models

Achieve the Planned Value

  • Build the fact base and ingredients for success to define a clear path forward on SAP-based transformation
  • Establish the next-gen technology platform and SAP as the digital core to accelerate business performance
  • Bundle SAP systems integration, AMS, and infrastructure and create flexibility in CapEx vs OpEx models
  • Build flexibility into payment structures and shift payments timing with IBM financing services

Expand the Addressable Value

  • Validate, very quickly, hypotheses on how to create material and incremental value within your business
  • Operate a value centered and outcome focused office with responsibility to find and capture value
  • Identify and take action against priority opportunities to accelerate cloud migration
  • Adopt cloud-based analytics to drive business insights and capabilities to drive material value

As an attendee, you will have opportunities to provide feedback and ask questions throughout the event. Please take advantage of this chance to engage with us during this dialogue.

If you have a success story to share, a nonmember who would like to register, or are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please email us at  


  • Michael Ryan, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Next Gen Enterprise Applications, IBM
  • Scott Koren, Associate Partner, IBM Next Gen Enterprise Applications, IBM
  • Matt Schwartz, Global SAP Practice Leader, IBM

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