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This event is scheduled to take place on Monday October 23 at 12 p.m. CT

With hundreds of educational and strategy sessions over a short 2 days, it's impossible to cover it all. That's why we're asking you to join us and share your personal experience. Whether you attended in-person, virtually, or read some content on SuccessConnect 2023, please bring your insights to this Task Force meeting of the Human Capital Management (HCM) Community. What we hear annually at this conference sets the course for the future and gives answers to thorny challenges. What did you learn? Our team will share what we learned too.


  • Sherryanne Meyer, Head of Corporate Communications - Rizing
  • Chris DuBois, Solution Architect - SAP

This discussion will focus on:

  • What is the future roadmap for SAP HCM / SuccessFactors?
  • How are other companies adapting HR strategies to a changing workforce?
  • What lessons have customers learned from working with SAP software?

Our objectives for you as a Task Force attendee: 

  • Come to the Task Force ready to share your story, challenges, and/or questions. You can email your thoughts by contacting erin.crain@asug.com before the call. 
  • Participate live during the event by unmuting your mic, turning on your video, or sharing in the On24 Forums chat feature. 
  • Understand the challenges and successes other SAP customers are experiencing. 
  • Acquire new ideas for real-world solutions. 
  • Make a lasting new industry connection. 

If you are experiencing challenges and would like to lead your own case study, fill out the survey here

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