ASUG Women Connect exists to help women in SAP technology visualize and inspire success.

This webcast is brought to you as part of the ASUG Women Connect program. 

February is Black History Month, and as we take this time to remember how far we’ve come, we also want to continue moving forward and celebrate the stories of today. Acts of inclusion and equity will make a difference. 

In 2020, SAP announced the launch of its inclusive language initiative, which seeks to eliminate unconscious bias in the software industry by updating certain terminology to be more thoughtful. 

Join this webcast to hear an overview of how this initiative fits into SAP’s cohesive diversity and inclusion strategy and how being conscious of our word choice matters. 

This session will be moderated by Kelsey Gould, ASUG enterprise content coordinator, and will cover:

  • SAP’s inclusive language initiative and why it matters
  • Making a business case for DEI
  • The process of implementing a DEI initiative in a multi-level, global organization

This presentation will be followed by an ASUG Think Tank on Friday, Feb. 26 at 12 p.m. ET/11 a.m. CT, where we will be joined by ASUG’s DEI Executive Liaison Mireillee Lamourt and our speakers to further discuss why word choice matters to ASUG and its members. Please bring your thoughts, questions, and experiences to the conversation.


  • Margót Goodson, North America Diversity and Inclusion Lead, SAP America, Inc.
  • Kelsey Gould, Enterprise Content Coordinator, ASUG

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