SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Series (Part 1)


For many companies, adopting cloud technologies has resulted in a number of benefits from shortening time to market, lowering costs, enabling real-time scaling of resources, and much more. But without the right support, it can also bring unexpected hurdles, complexity, and headaches.


Accelerate the way your business builds, extends, and integrates modern, mobile-enabled apps with a wide array of flexible functionality, efficient deployment options, and simple, yet elegant, user experiences. Attend our five-part Webcast series to find out why thousands of enterprise cloud adopters are experiencing significant results from SAP Cloud Platform.


Explore an open platform as a service that delivers a unique in-memory database and a portfolio of business application services to help you:


  • Create enterprise applications that your users will love
  • Become an agile business to respond quickly to customer needs
  • Seamlessly and securely integrate your cloud applications into your business landscape
  • Power an open marketplace for new business applications
  • Onboard, configure, and manage all kinds of remote devices, allowing you to go from sensor data capture to business outcomes



With the latest technologies such as enterprise mobility, Big Data, advanced analytics, machine learning, and the Internet of Things, businesses are rejuvenating their digital transformation initiatives – regardless of industry and size. And for thousands of them, SAP Cloud Platform is at the center of the action.

Join us for this informative introduction to the SAP Cloud Platform and find out why more companies are adopting this enterprise cloud platform from SAP to successfully:


  • Build, deploy, and manage cloud-based enterprise applications quickly
  • Evaluate integration scenarios for cloud and on-premise solutions to better connect users with the information they need
  • Extend and customize existing applications for new functionality and personalization



Sudhanshu Srivastava ,Vice President, SAP Cloud Platform, Strategy and Product Management Team


Speaker Bio:

Sudhanshu and his team is focused on increasing the SAP cloud platform adoption via hands on approach and has been an evangelist with customers across the globe. For more than 12 years with SAP, he has been working on various roles with customer facing organizations and product management teams.


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