Honeywell is one of the few companies to migrate very large systems into a private cloud environment. This session focuses on the lessons learned and the recommended best practices for virtualization of large databases (over 50 TB in size) and systems.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn more about Honeywell’s internal data centers and how it leverages various SAP products across multiple servers.
  • Understand each stage of Honeywell’s new cloud strategy.
  • See the beginning, improved, and future SAP infrastructure setups.


Bhasker Ravikanti, IT Fellow, Honeywell


  • About Honeywell- 2:56
  • SAP Internal Data Center- 3:49
  • New SAP Strategy- 6:57
  • SAP Infrastructure Starting Setup- 12:34
  • Improved Setup- 16:12
  • Future Setup- 17:40

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