Tired of paying too much, and taking too much time, to integrate SAP Business One with e-commerce platforms and CRM systems? This webinar will showcase a new, cloud-based, streamlined way of integrating SAP Business One with e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, CRMs, EDI, and custom files.

A real-life case study will be presented on how a cloud-based integration application, Alluvia, can be used to set up integrations between SAP Business One and a variety of e-commerce and CRM systems, in minutes rather than months, and for hundreds - rather than thousands - of dollars.

The key to this streamlined integration methodology is a set of pre-configured templates and mapping wizard.

The Alluvia approach is what one could call “disruptive” technology, created to simplify ERP integration, in an age when faster integration is critical to market share, competitive advantage, and revenue growth. 


Joel Kalish, CEO, Alluvia

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