Whether you’re practicing CBM, RBI, PdM, LEAN, Six Sigma, or another maintenance methodology, increasing asset uptime and availability requires smart decision-making. In turn, this requires robust, reliable asset data. High-quality asset data, visualized the right way and maintained consistently, will give you key insights into how your equipment is functioning. These insights will allow you to make smarter, more proactive maintenance decisions, thereby maximizing your maintenance ROI.

Join Prometheus Group to learn how our web-based Master Data-as-a-Service (MDaaS) solution uses AI and ML to continuously streamline your data cleansing and sustainment processes. This will make your asset data integrated and accessible, allowing you to make better, more informed maintenance decisions.

Key Takeaways

- Learn how to identify your greatest operational data challenges.

- See how Prometheus MDaaS helps you build and improve a data-driven preventive maintenance program.

- Discover how to access and leverage high-quality data to optimize and maximize asset uptime.


  • Randy Gibson, Master Data Consulting Manager, Prometheus Group

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