Chemical companies are embarking on the journey to S/4, which can be viewed as a daunting task that raises lots of questions and fears. Executives want to know costs, timelines, risks, cost reduction, efficiencies and the necessity of taking on this challenge while IT departments want to understand the deltas between ECC and S/4, identify gaps and opportunities, and licensing as well as impact on third party integrations and custom programs. Moreover, the business wants harmonization and optimization, but they fear disruptions, adoption, and loss of data.

Proper, planning or preparedness can eliminate these concerns and, in fact, turn that scary mega project into a manageable event that is cost effective, timely, and beneficial. This presentation will highlight important topics that should be considered when going to S/4 and the audiences involved. We’ll provide insights for what makes a highly effective team and look at some of the questions that need to be addressed prior to kick-off so you establish a solid S/4 foundation and pave the way to a successful project.


  • Bruce Horwath, Senior Director of Engagements, Enowa
  • Rick Place, Partner, VP of Marketing and Client Development, Enowa

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