In partnership with Microsoft and SUSE, this ASUG webcast will deliver insights designed to support your work with SAP Technology.

So, you have a SAP HANA cluster running on Azure. You have configured the SUSE HA resource agents on your SAP HANA instances. This talk will give you some detail on operating the SUSE HA components of these systems: how to validate SUSE HA cluster status, how to check HA configurations, and what to look for when a problem occurs in your HANA cluster.

Key Takeaways:

  • Features unique to SUSE High Availability
  • Cluster configuration for SAP HANA on SUSE 
  • Real-world scenarios demonstration


  • Welcome
  • ASUG Updates and Announcements [0:59]
  • Presentation and Speaker Introduction [2:44]
  • Why SUSE and Azure for SAP? [3:20]
  • General Dos and Don'ts [11:19]
  • Hana Day2 Scenarios [17:41]
  • Tools and Commands Overview [18:28]
  • Demo [43:40]
  • Maintenance [46:35]
  • Documentation and Links [48: 51]
  • Q&A [50:00]


  • Peter Schinagl, Cloud Solution Architect, SUSE

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