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DT: Reimagine Digital Technology

Reimagining business was once something only for innovative start-ups and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Today however, the largest global corporations must learn to do this, or face the risk of becoming quickly disrupted or displaced. In this webcast In this webcastDr. Markus L. Noga, Vice President Machine Learning at SAPwill discuss the digital technologies making the biggest impact, allowing companies to adjust or diversify their revenue streams and start their digital journey. Technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and in memory computing at scale will be covered. The feasibility, affordability and viability of these technologies are now allowing organizations to reimagine business processes, business models and work, consequently this webcast will help set the context for the entire reimagine webcast series.


Dr. Markus L. Noga,VP Machine Learning at SAP

Dr. Markus L. Noga is vice president of Machine Learning at SAP. His team is on a mission to make all enterprise applications intelligent by applying machine learning, deep learning and data science to real-world business challenges. Markus previously served as VP for New Business & Portfolio at SAP, where his team launched the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, and as a director in the Corporate Strategy Group. Prior to that, he was a principal at Booz & Company, advising blue chip customers in a dozen countries.

Markus holds a PhD in computer science from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, where his research focused on the optimization of document processing. An early digital native, he started programming computers at the age of seven, and shows no signs of stopping. He has a passion for building businesses, and has served as a mentor for promising startups at TechStars and other accelerators.