One of the most innovative companies of the old and the new economy is 3M Corporation.  In fact, 3M is famous for positing the idea that there is a distinction between invention, the proverbial lightbulb-over-the-head, one-time discovery, and innovation the results of continuous sustainable improvement through learning from the information at hand. 

In this webinar, guest speaker Bob Parker will discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and what companies are doing to create physical (digital twins), process (control towers), and people (journey maps) models that enable the ingestion of data and the automation of the sustainable innovation that companies need to be successful in the digital economy. 

 Bob will also discuss how SAP is combining their underlying AI technologies and engagement methodologies:

- to provide customers with a system of innovation including evaluating the efficacy of the approach,

- what SAP needs to do going forward, and

- guidance on establishing these learning models at your company.


Yaad Oren, SAP

Bob Parker, IDC

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