GlobalFoundries was tasked with developing a streamlined, targeted user experience utilizing a web-based technology stack to increase system adoption, data quality, and versatility. Their current state presented a poor, misaligned, and sometimes broken interface which caused more confusion to the end user. So, they targeted their most frequent users (technicians) for an initial test study and then expanded this across various shifts and work centers. After multiple studies, the company compiled the data into corresponding processes which illuminated areas of opportunity.

Join top-rated 2018 SAP-Centric EAM speaker and GlobalFoundries’ Facilities SAP Engineer, Christopher Carver, to learn how GlobalFoundries:

  • Reduced system interaction time by over 60% across multiple areas.
  • Increased system adoption and data integrity
  • Leveraged user feedback to improve experience
GlobalFoundries case study was presented at the 2018 SAP-Centric EAM conference. Don’t miss this year’s leading SAP event for asset management and maintenance professionals March 18-20, 2019 in San Antonio, TX.


  • Christopher Carver, Facilities SAP Engineer, GlobalFoundries

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