Hosted by: Human Resources

Whether you are in the cloud, going to the cloud or just dreaming of the cloud, we know you have questions about Employee Central. That’s why we are launching the Employee Central Special Interest Group (aka “SIG”). During this initial virtual meeting:

  • Meet ASUG volunteers, Patricia Meo and Becky Widlak, subject matter experts for Employee Central
  • Learn what’s in the Employee Central Roadmap from SAP® SuccessFactors® Employee Central Product Manager and solution experts
  • Lend your own voice to Employee Central discussions, issues, needs and enhancement and maintenance topics
  • Find out how to participate in face-to-face interactive influence opportunities

This webinar is just the first step in a lifelong journey we plan to take with our members. There’s so much more to come – and YOU can be an active part of making it happen. Join and follow ASUG’s HR Community [] to stay up-to-date 24x7.


  • Sherryanne Meyer, HR Transformation Strategist and ASUG Community Advocate
  • Murali Mazhavanchery, Vice President Product Management at SAP® SuccessFactors®
  • Gertrud Beisel,Director Product Management at SAP SuccessFactors’.
  • Patricia Meo, HCM Technical Analyst at American Airlines and ASUG Volunteer Leader
  • Becky Widlak, Sr HR and Payroll Manager at Yazaki and ASUG Volunteer Leader

Deliver education, identify opportunities for change and guiding discussions on all things HR and Payroll as they are delivered in the cloud by SAP® SuccessFactors®.