Developing a robust AI ethics framework presents many challenges in the dynamic landscape of technology innovation, especially for companies pioneering advanced technologies like Generative AI. SAP adherence to regulatory standards such as the EU AI Act and GDPR is paramount, particularly in sensitive sectors like HR within SAP SuccessFactors. This presentation explores SAP's strategic journey in formulating AI ethics guiding principles, policies, governance structure, and framework, emphasizing the significance of ethical considerations in shaping technological progress.

This session aims to cultivate an inclusive dialogue about AI ethics. It invites diverse stakeholders, including executives, policymakers, data scientists, engineers, legal advisors, AI consultants, and compliance officers, to contribute their perspectives and insights.


  • Puntis Palazzolo, Sr. AI Strategist & AI Ethics Lead at SAP SuccessFactors, SAP
  • Robert Richardson, Strategy Advisor, Human Experience Management, SAP