In an era of increasing business volatility, supply chain resiliency is not an option, it’s an urgent imperative. Today, companies need to be able to respond to volatile demand, uncertain supply, and constrained capacity. But as we look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, companies must also be able to respond to demanding customers that will look for individualized and sustainable products. If anything, this volatility has highlighted the need for digital transformation and industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Industry 4.0/ IIOT started with smart manufacturing, but it is much more than that. As the cost of sensors reduce and ecosystems mature, companies are developing intelligent products and assets that can capture more information and integrate more deeply into horizontal business processes. SAP's Industry 4.Now provides the blueprint to help customers realize the potential of Industry 4.0/ IIOT.

SAP Industry 4.Now helps companies create and capture a digital thread of products and assets throughout their entire life cycle. SAP Industry 4.Now helps companies maximize technology innovations like IoT, edge and cloud computing, Big Data lakes, artificial intelligence, sensors, autonomous systems, and cobots to drive change and achieve outcomes at scale. And importantly, SAP Industry 4.Now gives companies the potential to move from a factory-focused initiative to a company-wide business strategy.

Join us on Feb. 3, 2021, where we showcase a fully-automated manufacturing operation for discrete industries and discuss a range of topics:

  • Overview of SAP’s Industry 4.0 strategy and how to achieve incremental ROI NOW
  • End-to-end Digital Manufacturing Operations to capture full genealogy with configurable products/ Lot-Size-One, intralogistics, and interoperability with smart assets and robotics
  • Live showcase of Industry 4.Now for discrete industries - with real-life scenarios and use cases based on customer case studies