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According to a recent survey by Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG), it is obvious that there is an application delivery gap among SAP users. 62 percent of SAP users agree that the demand for custom applications that integrate with and extend SAP systems is growing within organizations. However, while the opportunities are abundant, so are the obstacles to successfully executing them. 64 percent of SAP users claim that it would take more than a year to clear all SAP-related custom application projects currently on their backlog. 

Traditional approaches to application development relying on coding are falling short. Time-to-value is too slow and professional coders are scarce. According to Forrester, low-code is becoming the new normal because the need for custom applications is so urgent.

The good news is that there’s a way to break out of this vicious circle. SAP has recently launched a new offering called ‘SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development by Mendix’, offering a market leading platform for low code development to its customers that accelerates every step in the application lifecycle.

Join this webinar to learn why adopting a low-code platform on top of SAP Cloud Platform will help you close the app delivery gap. 

Gain insight into: 

  • The top challenges of building custom apps and how to solve these challenges
  • The top areas of differentiation for SAP users and recommended strategy and investments. 
  • The benefits of leveraging Low-Code on top of SAP Cloud Platform 
  • Seeing low-code development in action


Hans de Visser, VP Global Alliances Marketing, Mendix

Simon Black, Evangelist, Mendix


  • Hans de Visser, VP Global Alliances Marketing, Mendix
  • Simon Black, Technology Evangelist, Mendix

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