Is your organization considering a move to SAP S/4HANA® for central finance? If the answer is yes, you may or may not have considered how you plan to integrate your existing non-SAP source system data into your central finance implementation. Learn how other central finance customers have successfully solved this data integration challenge by leveraging prebuilt connectors to integrate master data and detailed transactions from both SAP and third-party sources.


In this live webinar, data integration experts will:

  • Demonstrate how to integrate both transactional and master data into SAP S/4HANA for central finance.
  • Offer insights into overcoming common challenges encountered when integrating financial data, such as transaction detail, error handling, and reconciliation.
  • Review recommendations that will help you achieve a fast, low-cost, and low-risk central finance implementation.

This webcast features sponsors of the SAP-Centric Financials 2020 conference. Hear more on solutions and integrations for SAP financial customers at the event, which is taking place March 9–11 in Stone Mountain, Georgia.



  • Key Takeaways- 2:10
  • SAP Central Finance and Magnitude- 6:28
  • Data Integration Challenges- 8:20
  • Magnitude SourceConnect for SAP- 10:15
  • Integrating Master Data into Central Finance- 12:10
  • Common Master Data Challenges Through Central Finance Project Lifecycle- 15:18
  • SourceConnect Process for Configuration and Master Data- 18:10
  • Integrating Transactions into Central Finance- 22:35
  • Considerations for Transaction Data Integration- 24:10
  • Extract, Transform, Validate, and Load- 27:50
  • Reconciliation Framework: Source to Central Finance- 31:36
  • Today's Session in Review- 37:30
  • Q&A- 41:48


  • Carsten Hilker, Global Solutions Owner, SAP S/4HANA Finance, SAP
  • John Hume, Technology Consulting Manager, Magnitude SourceConnect
  • Doug Corpuel, Senior Director, Magnitude SourceConnect

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