About ASUG’s Licensing Webcast Series

On April 10, SAP announced a new pricing model designed to address the challenges associated with indirect access, also known as indirect use. SAP also introduced related adjustments to its sales and audit practices. Join us for our series of 20-minute webcasts to get up to speed on these changes.


Webcast 8: A License Management Expert’s Perspective on SAP’s New Licensing and Audit Practices
Sebastian Schoofs, Executive Director at VOQUZ, joins us for a conversation to share his point of view on how customers can respond to SAP’s recent licensing and audit changes. VOQUZ is a partner member of ASUG that specializes in SAP license management, so its business is based on helping clients know what they own and position themselves to avoid the risks of being out of compliance with their contracts. You’ll hear his thoughts on some challenges that longtime customers will face if they want to switch to the new documents-based licensing model. And we cover some practical tips for managing your enterprise software assets so you’ll be ready if the auditors come knocking.


  • Sebastian Schoofs, Executive Director, VOQUZ
  • Ann Marie Gray, VP, Content, ASUG

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