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Master Data Quality: Bake It In

Most organizations struggle to trust their master data which often contains manual entry errors and inconsistencies. At Plexxus, a leading shared services organization in Canadian health care, defining who owned master data quality and integrity was an ongoing challenge. To address this, they implemented a comprehensive and automated process of blending data quality into operational tasks and deploying data request forms through SAP validations, SharePoint workflow, Winshuttle and SAP functionality.

Join this webcast to hear the top-rated presentation from SAP-Centric Supply Chain 2017. Learn how Plexxus:

  • Improved data quality consistency, completeness and integrity
  • Reduced data request cycle time 25% to 50% reductions
  • Reduced transactional errors in pricing, unit of measure and part number

This webcast series features speakers from the upcoming SAP-Centric EAM and SAP-Centric Supply Chain conference. Hear more best practices for managing your assets and supply chain strategies at the 2018 event March 26-28 in Austin, Texas.