The founding concept of EquiRatings was itself a trailblazing endeavor: Bringing data to the fore of equestrian sports. In a sporting industry steeped in tradition, it is only in the last 10 years when we have seen the Olympic sports of eventing, dressage and show jumping, move in line with major sports in terms of data and value. Until recently, top athletes and Olympic coaches mistrusted data and relied on feel-based decision making. Some international governing bodies used rudimentary tally systems to manage sporting risk and performance rather than smart metrics, some used no data at all. Media outlets were writing the same stories with different names. The introduction of data-forward performance analysis, risk management, and media coverage were new ground. We cleared the path manually at first. We raised the standards of data quality and developed performance ratings. We educated the equestrian world on the value of data. Hunger for smart analysis grew and our manual methods needed to step up.

Teaming up with SAP brought EquiRatings and its service portfolio to a new level. Implementing SAP solutions allowed for the predictive insights that Olympic programs, media outlets, and fans craved. We reached higher magnitudes of scale and speed and, with SAP technology driving us, trust in our methods and insights grew.

We began on a table-tennis table in 2015. In 2022, we have a podcast downloads of 1M+ per annum and our apps were downloaded in 140 countries.


  • Diarmuid Byrne, Managing Director

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