In January 2018, our community explored the topic of Logistics with SAP Business One. Join us for this bonus webcast on February 14, as we extend Logistics month and learn from the success of OCuSOFT, an SAP Business One customer. 

Challenge: A warehouse distribution system which, due to tremendous organizational growth, was no longer able to meet the needs of current customers because of a heavy reliance on manual processes.

Strategy for Improvement: A complete overhaul of current processes with an emphasis on creating a system based on SAP Business One and running on web apps, which would eliminate specialists and increase productivity through distributive workflows.

Results:  A reduction in order processing time which created the ability to process more than 10x the number of orders in an 8-hour workday. Increased order accuracy percentage to 99.8%. 


  • Thomas Mason, VP of Corporate Strategy, OCuSOFT Inc.
  • George Haines, VP of Supply Chain Operations, OCuSOFT Inc.

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