The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be staggering – disrupting the way we work, live, and play. As your business connects with employees, customers, and partners in unique and unprecedented ways, the actions you take now will set your path for the future, and SAP is committed to helping you be the best business you can be.

Whether it’s empowering employees, ensuring business continuity, or transforming customer experiences, SAP and its partners have solutions that can help you take the steps needed to move forward, no matter your organization’s size or industry.

The world we live in, while often turbulent, has been turned on its head recently. We have witnessed supply chain disruptions such as highly variable supply of critical materials as well as constrained labor and resource capacity in manufacturing and logistics. These disruptions have had a profound impact on the current global economic environment.

Best-run businesses successfully address such disruptions by operating resilient supply chains that are predictive, intelligent, and agile. SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions help to build supply chain resilience so you can respond faster to disruptions, recover your business performance, and reimagine your supply chain to make your business thrive.


In this webcast, we will go through the strategies to respond, recover, reimagine, and familiarize you with SAP offerings designed to get your supply chain back to best.



  • Welcome
  • ASUG Updates and Announcements [1:06]
  • Speaker Introduction [1:30]
  • Resilient Supply Chain on Three Horizons [2:55]
    • Respond with Agility and Speed [6:15]
    • Recover to Prepare for Growth After Disruption [10:20]
    • Recovery Solutions [14:25]
      • Fullfill Customer Demand [15:00]
      • Boost Productivity and Profitability [19:00]
      • Improve People Safety and Efficiency [20:43]
    • Reimagine to Profitably Predict, Automate, and Innovate [24:30]
  • Q&A [30:14]



  • Martin Barkman, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Solution Management, Digital Supply Chain, SAP
  • Anubhuti Shah, Solution Management, Digital Supply Chain, SAP

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