This SAP Road Map webcast will give you an overview of the latest innovations in SAP Fiori, showing how far SAP's Fiori 3 journey has progressed as well as giving an outlook on the upcoming next steps on the journey. In particular you will learn about the most recent innovations for the SAP Fiori spaces concept, which is replacing the previous home page concept, as well as getting insights into how you can build intelligence into your user experience. You will also get an overview of some highlights of SAP's plans for the underlying technology and development tools, as well as an introduction to finding these plans yourselves in the SAP Road Map Explorer.

Key Take Aways:

  • Overview of recent SAP Fiori innovations
  • SAP Fiori spaces concept replacing previous home pages
  • Building intelligence into your user experience
  • Overview of planned SAP Fiori innovations


  • Thomas Reiss- VP, User Experience Product Management, SAP