Think Tanks connect you with peers navigating the same challenges and opportunities as you. ASUG will facilitate an interactive peer-to-peer exchange where solutions are shared for topics specific to your role and interest.

Single source of truth enables clear communication by ensuring reliable information propagates throughout the organization. The value of one data dictionary in an organization enables cross-functional communication, speaking the same language, removing the noise of different variations of terminology. The value of one report catalog in an organization for published reports allows traceability of information to people, process, and technology.  
Please be prepared to share your experiences and best practices, and ask your questions!

The format for Tuesday, April 20 at 1 p.m. ET/12 p.m. CT will include:

  • A brief welcome and introduction from ASUG
  • Rapid case study led by ASUG member Mustafa Mustafa from Ferrara
  • The discussion will include:
    • How to start creating a data dictionary
    • How to start creating a report catalog
    • How to build the culture to maintain

Gain visibility into the challenges and successes other SAP customers are experiencing, and acquire new ideas for real-world solutions. 

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