Join our panel discussion with SAP leaders to hear about SAP resources to help support customers and how the business is changing. Hear from SAP leaders, including the global head of SAP Customer Interaction Center, head of security and risk, and the global head of support advisory.

The experts will share insights on SAP systems and the focus on making sure these systems are strong and always running for customers. Lastly, learn about SAP business continuity planning for support and services.

Summary and Timestamps

  • Introductions 
  • ASUG Responds to COVID-19 (6:00) 
  • High-level takeaways from ASUG Pulse Checks (9:00) 
  • What are some of the specific customer challenges attributed to COVID-19? (10:55) 
    • Business Continuity, Payroll, the overall health of financials and balance sheet as companies look to conserve cash.  
    • Solutions that SAP is offering open access to during COVID-19: 
    • SAP Knowledge Base article #2909098 and others were recently published to address FFCRA Sick Pay, COVID-19 Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights and Employer Credits. 
  • How has COVID-19 impacted SAP’s ability to provide support? (18:45) 
    • Little to no negative impact thanks to SAP’s business continuity plans they had in place and previous designs to support remote work.  
    • Not seeing any issues with the robust infrastructure already in place; productivity has been at normal levels.  
  • How has this impacted you personally? (25:45) 
    • Working remotely with teams 
    • Work-life balance 
    • Managing disruption 
  • What are customers asking for now that they were not asking for two months ago? (35:40) 
  • Are there any support or security best practices that have surfaced or lessons learned customers can take advantage of quickly? (39:30) 
  • Are there any tactics that seem to be compounding challenges instead of resolving them? (44:30)  
    • Not enough communication 
    • SAP recommends also looking at Knowledge Base articles on workload management 
  • What communication channels would you recommend to stay up-to-speed with the latest from SAP support? (46:45) 
  • Attendee Q&A (48:00) 
    • More details on the SAP Concur services mentioned above. 
    • Have there been any changes to the current end of life schedule for products? (50:20) 
      • Talk to your SAP team and reference the Product Availability Matrix 
  • Closing thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 (52:45)


  • Becky Doyle, Global Head, Customer Interaction Center, SAP
  • Dr. Eckart Spitzberg, Head of Security & Risk, SAP Customer Solution Support & Innovation, SAP
  • Tom DiAntonio, Global Head Support Advisory, SAP Customer Engagement & Experience, SAP
  • Danny Pancratz, Director of Product Development, ASUG
  • David Wascom, SVP, Executive Programs, ASUG

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