Growing concern around the ongoing development of COVID-19 has led to individuals, teams, and entire companies needing to work remotely. With this shift comes gaps that can affect individual employee well-being, team productivity, and longer-term business goals if not addressed. Organizations need a simple and easy way to continuously gather feedback from their workforce and take needed actions to make sure their most important asset—their people—are healthy, connected, and prepared.

Qualtrics is working to help its customers and others during this unique and challenging time by offering a free, out-of-the-box feedback solution to any organization needing help.

A Free Solution to Help Your Workforce

EmployeeXM—Remote Work Pulse helps HR/people leaders, technology and operations leaders, and team leaders understand employee needs and well-being as they adapt to new work environments. The goal is to remove gaps in their changing experience and maintain business continuity.

This quick-to-use solution can help your organization:

  • Rapidly assess what resources, technologies, services, and communications your employees need for success in this environment.
  • Determine the actions you can take to improve employee well-being and safety right now.
  • Regularly check in on workforce morale and act in real time to keep your teams thriving.

“Qualtrics has provided a resource for organizations to quickly and easily capture a pulse on the remote work experience,” says ASUG Market Research Manager Carolyn Szczurek. “In less than two minutes, ASUG created two different surveys. The first was a quick check-in to gauge its employees’ morale, and the second was a deeper dive into understanding how teams are experiencing working from home.”

What Is Remote Work Pulse from Qualtrics?

Developed by Qualtrics EmployeeXM IO scientists, the free Remote Work Pulse is a guided solution offering two proven methods for organizations to check in with their workforces:

  1. Quick check-in: Pulse employees with the solution’s mood barometer to get a holistic view of morale and understand trends associated with open-text feedback.
  2. Remote-work readiness evaluation: Pulse employees to pinpoint gaps and take action on up to five key areas surrounding the remote work experience:
    • Enablement: Do employees have access to the proper technology, tools, and internal support services to perform in their roles—especially in remote work environments?
    • Customer Needs: What impacts do new workplace environments have on an employee’s ability to serve customers?
    • Mindset: How has the changing workplace environment affected morale—and what can organizations do to support employee well-being?
    • Communication: Have employers clearly communicated policy amendments, health and safety practices, or other changes directly affecting their workforce?
    • Collaboration: How well are employees able to collaborate with their peers, managers, and other teams when face-to-face interaction is less available?

As organizations begin to implement mandatory work-from-home guidelines, it will be more important than ever to make sure employees have what they need to remain successful. “Results are available in easy-to-understand reports and visualizations that make it simple to identify trends and to share the feedback with others,” Szczurek adds. “With these tools, we can ensure employees’ morale stays up and that we’re tracking well-being, collaboration, communication, and enablement of our workforce.”

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