In a global wide effort to sync across countries, Gerdau Long Steel implemented SAP-Master Data Governance (SAP-MDG) and integrated their standardized classes and attributes. Now, there is one consolidated and centralized platform for MRO creation, updates, and deletions that incorporate approval reviews, including cost center owners.  Standard categories and functional requirements for maintenance are now wrapped into one SAP Master Data Governance system. 

Join top-rated 2018 SAP-Centric Supply Chain speaker and Gerdau Long Steel’s Senior Manager of Data Governance, Arik Simonsen, to hear their SAP-MDG implementation journey. This webcast will help your  organization better understand how to:

  • Leverage SAP-MDG to gather insights and run your business better
  • Utilize SAP-MDG for a catalyst of governance over MRO
  • Standardize and digitalize MRO materials
Gerdau Long Steel’s case study was presented at the 2018 SAP-Centric Supply Chain conference. Don’t miss this year’s leading SAP event for materials, logistics, procurement, and inventory professionals March 18-20, 2019 in San Antonio, TX.


  • Arik Simonsen, Senior Manager Data Governance, Gerdau Long Steel

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