The number of data protection and privacy regulations is only continuing to increase, and managing the global, regional, country, and state regulatory requirements is presenting a new challenge for companies globally. Learn how SAP Privacy Governance can help you comply with data-protection regulations by managing a register of regulatory requirements, creating data-protection impact assessments, and documenting and highlighting potential risks arising from data-processing activities.  

Key takeaways:

  • Hear how SAP Privacy Governance fits into the overall landscape of privacy solutions from SAP.
  • Learn how SAP Privacy Governance can help companies comply with data protection regulations such as the CCPA.
  • See how the solution can help to detect compliance breaches and high risks.


  • 3:15 – Speaker intro and agenda overview
  • 5:30 – Overall development of GDPR related fines
  • 9:30 – Privacy governance at SAP
  • 13:05 – SAP Privacy Governance and SAP Privacy Management by BigID
  • 19:45 – Workflow automation, standardization, and reporting
  • 24:45 – Key functionalities
  • 34:30 – Live demo
  • 43:00 – Q&A


  • Sandro Lovisa, Chief Product Owner, SAP Privacy Governance, SAP
  • Tanjana Preiser-Funke, Program Lead SAP Privacy Governance, SAP

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