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In our webcast, we will share how innovative businesses are combining technology and process improvement to digitally transform warehouse and transportation processes to win the “Last Mile.” This transformation is critical in a global economy if businesses are to compete and be relevant. The challenges are numerous and considered by many analysts urgent.The challenges we will discuss during our webcast include:

  • Trends that influence the digital warehouse and transportation activities.
  • Better reliance on your warehouse and transportation data.
  • Improve supply chain visibility with real-time carrier connectivity.
  • Digital demand and transportation execution.
  • Take the pain out of hazardous material compliance.

Are you winning or losing the race for the “Last Mile?” The challenge begins in the warehouse and continues by selecting the right carrier. Managing the complexities of multi-carrier, multi-modal transportation, many companies are losing the battle for the “Last Mile” delivery, and it costs them too much. Streamlining these processes can save you 10% or more and still deliver the right products, to the right customers, at the correct time and place. This webcast will help you:

  • Chart your roadmap to transform your warehouse and transportation processes.
  • Score the right metrics to help win the “Last Mile.”
  • Understand how to digitally transform your Logistics Execution processes that are flexible, smart, simple, and connected to accelerate time-to-results.
  • Address current and future needs of your customers and business partners.


Rajesh Pilla, Magnum Opus IT, Principal Supply Chain Architect
David Vannoy, Process Weaver, Vice President Sales and Marketing

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