The secret factor behind whether organizations can deliver a consistently positive customer experience and revenue stream may be hidden in the efficiency of their supply chains. We have learned through our research, however, that only 1 in 4 companies believes that it has a very or somewhat efficient supply chain. We asked professionals who work in the supply chain function across industries to tell us what they see as the most significant trends and pressures they’re facing in their field this year. We’ll discuss who’s responsible for supply chain technology within their organizations, what products they’re using (and not using), and what drives their satisfaction.

You’ll discover:

  • What may be the key to delivering desired supply chain visibility
  • What is holding many of these professionals back
  • Which emerging technologies supply chain professionals are looking at to boost their performance


  • Barrie Corp, Supply Chain Manager, Gainesville Regional Utilities
  • Carolyn Szczurek, Market Research Manager, ASUG

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