The utilities industry has been balancing the increasing expectations for delivering high-quality customer service with trying to keep up with the pace of technology change. Now the world has turned upside down because of COVID-19. 

During this live webcast and Q&A, Ann Marie Gray, VP of content strategy and research at ASUG will share the research that came from our conversations with SAP customers across the utilities industry, pre-COVID-19. We’ll discuss where these customers need the most technology help, how their needs differ from other SAP customers, and what drives their satisfaction. We’ll also share what we’re hearing about how they’re managing through this crisis, supported by the data from our weekly ASUG Pulse Study. Bring your questions and insights about what’s going on in this active and collaborative group of SAP customers.

Join this webcast to discover:

  • The steps utilities companies have been taking to improve the customer experience
  • How they see alternative energy sources fitting into the picture
  • What’s happening within the workforce at utilities companies



  • A Conversation with an SAP Utilities Customer: Southwest Water - 2:50
  • Key Trends and Pressures - 23:20
  • Secrets Behind Satisfaction - 45:20
  • Q & A - 47:20



  • Ann Marie Gray, VP of Content Strategy & Research, ASUG
  • Jeff Farney, Vice President, Information Technology, Southwest Water Company

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