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Confidence from Community. Success with SAP.

Your SAP systems are critical to your company's success, and maximizing your investment while keeping up with new and evolving technologies is, undoubtedly, a major challenge for C-level executives. The pressure to deliver results and drive innovation has never been greater. How can you be confident that you have the information and knowledge you need to create a winning strategy for your company?

The ASUG Executive Exchange can help.

Members of ASUG's Executive Exchange receive access to a unique community of C-level leaders where fellow customers connect and share invaluable lessons learned, tapping into the knowledge of SAP experts, partners, and each other. This community meets several times a year to tackle some of the most challenging issues facing SAP customers actual seat at the table with SAP executives empowered to enact real change in their products and services. 

When you engage with the ASUG Executive Exchange, you gain confidence knowing that you have the insights, information, and network you need to develop and execute a winning strategy for your organization. 

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“It’s an opportunity for you to learn from peers, not necessarily within your industry. It’s really easy to find other people in my industry to talk to but they may or may not be challenged with the same IT and business system challenges that I have as an SAP user. Through the Executive Exchange program, I’m able to access that information from a broad range of industries, geographic impact, company revenue sizes... I’m able to get that broader picture that I can bring back to my organization and make better informed decisions on how we’re going to run our business.” - David Wascom, Former VP and CIO, Summit Electric Supply


C-Level Collaboration

Learn from fellow executives. Hear from industry luminaries, experts on SAP, and SAP executives themselves. Build your professional network and support structure. Influence SAP. They want to hear from you and the members of the ASUG Executive Exchange. With your candid feedback, they can improve their products and services. 

* Participate in frank discussions with your peers at regional and national forums

* Enjoy fresh perspectives and innovative ideas from influencers and thought leaders

* Get the information and insight you need to solve complex business problems

* Learn about SAP strategy and roadmaps directly from key SAP executives

* Provide critical feedback to SAP in an interactive format

* Expand your professional network and support structure

* Hear about emerging technologies and the business cases for adoption


A Year-Round Forum

ASUG Executive Exchange membership includes complimentary registration to three national summits and seven regional summits. Each summit serves as an independent forum for candid conversation with peers, and as a channel into strategy and roadmaps with direct access to SAP.

The agenda for summits are set by the Executive Exchange Steering Committee with member input, and include:

* Real-World Problem Solving

* Best-Practice Sharing

* Panel Discussions

* Use Cases

* Customer Stories

* How to Leverage Technology for a Competitive Edge


2019 Program

The Executive Exchange is the think tank that helps you drive new business value for your company and provides you with the strategic foresight you need to lead your organization through digital transformation and prepare your team for what’s next.

National Summits:

Phoenix: Feb. 27-28
Orlando: May 6
Asheville: Oct. 9-10

Regional Summits:

Atlanta: March 14
Minneapolis: April 4
Calgary: April 18
Charlotte: June 6
Toronto: August 22
Chicago: Sept. 11

If you are a C-level executive at your organization and would like to attend an ASUG Executive Exchange summit, please contact us at

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