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As cloud computing continues to grow at a staggering rate, businesses are increasingly seeking to adopt cloud solutions that can deliver better performance at a lower cost while meeting high standards for scalability, security, and compliance. SAP recently collaborated with Intel and Microsoft to address the rising demand for faster access to even more data in the cloud. Earlier this year, Microsoft Azure launched new, certified SAP HANA instances optimized on Intel’s latest technology.

The combined power of Intel processors, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams, and SAP S/4HANA lets organizations more quickly adapt, innovate, and transform their business on the cloud.

Powered by 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, Microsoft Azure Dsv5-series and Esv5-series Virtual Machines (VMs) increase the agility of cloud deployments and deliver improved return on investment (ROI) in a simplified SAP HANA landscape. This combination enables real-time insights and a single source of truth. The result is greater business value when compared to the current installed base, whether on-premise or another cloud solution.

Intel’s latest processor generation offers superior performance over previous generations. Customers that upgrade to Azure’s MV2-series VMs for HANA can expect up to 2.7 times improved database query performance.1 This level of performance improvement is possible even with the largest scale-up configurations because Azure utilizes robust infrastructure configurations that leverage the compute power and scalability of Intel Xeon scalable processors. The result is leadership SAP HANA and SAP Application Performance Standard (SAPS) performance across certified instance types, including the largest instances with over 800 vCPUs powered by Intel.

Azure’s Ddsv5 instances deliver 8% better SAPS performance for the SAP application-tier than the previous generation.2 This increase in performance can enable instance consolidation and reduce costs. Combine that with the breadth of instance sizes available on Intel in Azure which makes it easy to right-size the landscape and improve TCO. It is possible to reduce cost even further by leveraging Microsoft’s new diskless instances (Dsv5 and Esv5) which are 15% lower cost than comparable versions with local disk.3 These new instances enable customers to pay only for the storage they need, substantially reducing customers’ total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Opportunities to Optimize SAP S/4HANA Performance

As SAP ECC approaches obsolescence, hundreds of businesses are migrating to SAP S/4HANA each month. This transition may seem to pose challenges, yet it provides the opportunity to turn any obstacles into improved, optimized performance.

Each generation of applications, virtual machines, and processors brings improved performance, security, and flexibility. Moreover, customers will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the cost of the newest technology is comparable to older generations. Thus, by leveraging the newest instances, organizations can achieve a better cost-benefit ratio and not leave money and performance on the table.

Some customers might hesitate to upgrade because HANA can be difficult to move from one machine type to another. However, moving the SAP application tier is simple and minimally disruptive. Businesses that use older generation technology will have little difficulty moving their app tier workloads to the new Dsv5 and Esv5 series. Most migrations can be accomplished with no downtime.

Customers looking to upgrade their SAP landscape may consider other joint solutions with Azure. Among the currently offered options, Intel delivers superior performance. Another key differentiator is Intel’s wide availability. Azure offers the most HANA-certified regions globally and supports Intel instances across all regions, availability zones, and countries/territories. Azure is considered the most performant and scalable platform for SAP workloads. These are one of many reasons why SAP customers prefer Azure, including 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Because the SAP application tier is amenable to scale-out architecture, this availability makes it easy to spin up or spin down new instances to meet changing demand. Broad availability gives customers peace of mind. They can count on instances being available, regardless of where in the world their business is located.

Azure with Intel-based infrastructure makes it easy for growing businesses that run SAP S/4HANA applications to add new users or even a new business unit. To support additional users or business processes, simply add more SAP app tier VMs.

Businesses can remove instances just as easily. Those experiencing excess capacity or cyclical demand can spin down resources, thereby optimizing cost.

The Intel-Azure Advantage: Optimization

While other cloud providers and other public clouds (such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform) are available, Azure’s implementation based on Intel delivers exceptional performance as compared to its competitors. Plus, Azure’s new diskless option gives users greater flexibility and more control over TCO, helping Microsoft compete with cost management.

Intel offers three primary benefits. In addition to the excellent performance and broad availability already mentioned, another major advantage of Intel is the greater breadth of instance “shapes” available. Customers can custom match their infrastructure resources to their workloads. That way, they never have to pay for more capacity than they need.

Further, diskless versions of the Dsv5 and Esv5 Virtual Machine (VM) series are now certified for NetWeaver applications. Esv5 series is also certified for HANA, enabling cost optimization when local temporary storage is not required. Businesses have the choice to pay only for the storage they need, thereby improving TCO. For businesses that already use managed disks in Azure for their SAP landscape, these new diskless instances eliminate the cost of temporary storage in the VM.

Customers seeking to lower their costs often look for optimizations in the SAP application tier. Because this area is highly scalable, customers incur less risk. If they mis-size the landscape, they have the flexibility to add or remove instances to meet the demands of the business. The new diskless instances enable customers to optimize for cost and performance with easy migrations from older gen instances.

Peak Performance and Lower Costs with Intel

Why settle for outdated systems when you can have next-generation technology for virtually the same cost? Azure with Intel-based infrastructure offers superior performance, broad availability, and improved TCO.

Don’t wait to be offered the latest technology. Many vendors are not yet aware that it exists. If you’re ready to upgrade your SAP systems on Azure, be sure to ask for the new diskless Dsv5, Esv5, and Mv2 instances powered by Intel.

1Based on SAP BWH Benchmark performance comparison between 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (#2021010) and E7-8800v4 CPU (#2017003) Generation.

2Based on SAP SD benchmark SAPS performance comparison between Ddsv4 and Ddsv5. For more details see

3Based on Azure pricing comparison with Dds_v4 and Ds_v5, in US East region as of 1/5/2022.

Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at See backup for workloads and configurations. Results may vary.

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