At SAP Sapphire & ASUG Accelerate, we had an opportunity to sit down with Bryon Banks, Senior Vice President for the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). He talked to us about some of the key components of this offering and integration plays into the SAP BTP.

Banks noted that while many SAP customers did not fully understand how the SAP BTP would help facilitate their journey to SAP S/4HANA, SAP is working to continue educating its customers on “the applications, services, and how they could gain insights from [the SAP] BTP.”

“There is a great amount of attention on the [SAP] BTP campus. Customers understand they need the platform,” he told ASUG. “Customers are still learning more about [the SAP] BTP and they know they need to learn more.”

Banks did touch on some of the key components in the SAP BTP that he encouraged customers to leverage, including automation and AI embedded in the solution.” He also spent time discussing the inclusion of AppGyver in the SAP BTP, which offers customers low code/no code options when designing applications for users across the entire enterprise.

Another major portion of our conversation with Banks focused on the roadmap for the SAP BTP, which touched on the solution’s new integration strategy.

“Those on an [SAP] S/4[HANA] journey, they want to know where [the SAP] BTP is going, what is the roadmap of innovation,” Banks said, before adding that platform is made to build and apply “central business rules, the corporate business rules for applications and process compliance in the end.”

Sticking with the topic of integration, Banks also encouraged ASUG members to look into the SAP BTP integration tool that SAP unveiled at SAP Sapphire, noting that it would help customers meet their needs for advanced integration capabilities—across SAP and non-SAP systems and solutions. With the assessment tools, SAP customers get access to a “blueprint, to connect this system to system, that process to process” and that would “be more prescriptive and proactive” to their business challenges and the opportunities they are hoping to achieve in the future. This assessment tool comes with prepackaged uses, tools, and methodologies. While the tool has just been released, it is now widely available through the SAP Discovery Center.

ASUG will be covering the SAP BTP extensively over the next few months. Stick with us for more insights on this solution.