ASUG conducts research year-round to help our members better understand what their peers are thinking, planning, and doing in various industries and functions. In one of our recent studies on enterprise information management (EIM), ASUG looked at two key areas that require an EIM strategy: data and documents.

Where Is Your Information?

The amount of information flowing through organizations has expanded exponentially in the digital age. Managing the flow of that information must be a priority for companies that want to get the full advantage of having the right information available to the right people whenever they need it.

Don’t Move the Wrong Data

It’s no secret that SAP customers are evaluating whether they want to transition to SAP S/4HANA in the next few years. In fact, 56% of ASUG members who participated in our State of the Community study say they have plans to move in the future and 16% have already started the process.

A smooth transition to this next-generation ERP system requires strategies to make sure your data is clean and streamlined, and that you’re moving only the information you truly need into your new ERP while archiving the rest. Yet most companies (68%) see themselves as simply average when it comes to connectivity and flow of information across systems.

To successfully implement SAP S/4HANA and to compete in the digital age, average may not be enough. Join us at ASUG Experience for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) to share knowledge and best practices with your peers on how to rise above the average in your approach to managing information.

Download ASUG’s research on data and documents and find out where your peers are facing hurdles and who they think should lead the EIM function.