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We heard your feedback; live webcasts are hard to attend live! So, we are changing the format of the Executive Briefings for the ASUG Executive Exchange community. We still plan to produce relevant, executive-level content on the key topics that interest the community, but we’ll deliver this content on your schedule in an on-demand format.

What is changing, and what is staying the same?

Our team is working to record and publish a series of on-demand Executive Briefings. Each briefing will feature a targeted discussion on a specific topic of interest for the ASUG Executive Exchange community. Rather than promoting them as separate events, each issue of ASUG Executive Exchange Digest will include an overview of any new Executive Briefings that have been added to the library. As an ASUG Executive Exchange Member, you’ll be able to watch briefings when it is most convenient for you.

The entire library of on-demand Executive Briefings will be available on asug.com, so this content will also live beyond the moment and be available to the ASUG Executive Exchange community.

We hope these timely briefings will be a meaningful resource to help you get the most value from your SAP technology investment, and we’ll be sure to focus on providing insights and perspectives from thought leaders within the SAP ecosystem.

As always, I appreciate your input—if there are topics or people you want to see in an Executive Briefing episode, please let me know. With this introduction, I am happy to share our first episode, where we examine how to evaluate your security partners in a conversation with Tom Venables, Principal with Turnkey Consulting.

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