General Ledger is at the center of almost everything that you do inside the SAP Business One system. Every transaction with some kind of accounting impact ends up - in some shape or form - in the General Ledger.

Our Subject Matter Expert, Richard Duffy, gives an overview of this "important area to get right" with a basic introduction to the General Ledger and the Chart of Accounts in the latest installment for our 15-Minute Fundamentals video series for basic training and usability tutorials.

Topics & Timestamps | Video Summary

  • Introduction
  • About the Chart of Accounts (2:00)
    • How do I structure my Chart of Accounts? (2:35)
    • About the G/L Account
    • G/L Account Details
      • External Codes (7:25)
      • Currency
      • Confidential
      • Drill down to see Account Balance (8:50) Sample video below
    • G/L Account Properties (10:20)
  • Edit Chart of Accounts
    • Adding Accounts (11:30)
    • Deleting Accounts (12:25)
    • Moving Accounts (13:05)
  • Settings Setup and Configuration (14:55)
    • Account Segmentation Setup
    • Department Segment Codes
    • Account Code Generator
  • Additional Functionality (17:25)

Sample Video | Drill Down to See Account Balance