When moving to the cloud, your business is like a highway under construction. Although you’ll want to get the work done quickly, you must build the roadway while allowing traffic to flow. Similarly, without a clear blueprint for your cloud migration project, you run the risk of a gridlock slowing or stopping business processes and affecting your organization’s bottom line or its ability to innovate.

As the cloud continues to offer new enhancements and SAP customers gain a better understanding of how it supports their IT strategies, cloud-based digital transformation projects are becoming more common. ASUG and Syntax have spent three years researching the nuances of what SAP customers expect from cloud technology. In 2019, ASUG and Syntax researched how cloud investments are changing among SAP customers and where they are spending their money.

Our 2019 study reveals:

  • How much cloud spending is increasing over time
  • What types of organizations are continuously spending on cloud investments
  • Whether SAP customers are moving to the public or private cloud
  • What SAP customers say is the number-one factor in successful cloud projects

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